JSON Accelerator

If you ever need to generate an object model of a JSON payload I can clearly recommend you JSON Accelerator which is available for free at the App Store.

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Using iptables to block incoming traffic directly to you node.js app

Kind of offtopic but every now and then I need to use iptables to block incoming traffic coming from the vps' virtual ethernet device directly going to my node.js apps.

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Simulator in use

If you've ever been annoyed by this one:

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Git Commit-Hash based Build Versioning for your iOS Project

When it comes to distributing your Build to your Customer(s) or other devs, you need (and you really should also want) to bear in mind which version is running on their devices.

git, hash, tag, commit, and versioning

iOS 7 UITableViewCells and their backgroundColor

Today I simply wanted to change my UITableViewCell's backgroundColor (in fact I did so using InterfaceBuilder) and didn't believe my eyes... nothing happened.

ios, uitableview, bug, xcode5, and objc

iBeacon ranging and background issues

When coming to iBeacon development, it’s just a matter of time until you’ll get to the point when you’re in need to determine wether your Immediately at, Near to or Far away from that neat little Beacon.

ios, ibeacon, and locationmanager


Whenever you’re in need of doing some micro-location using iBeacons based stuff, try out my Geofancy-iBeacon-Sample App out not at GitHub.

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Take a peek at my latest project: Geofancy, a simple yet powerful iOS App helping you concentrate on the fancy parts of geofences. Get it now in the App Store!

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How to reindex your Xcode 4 / 5 Projects

If you’ve every run into the problem of Xcode not being able to find symbols or method definitions of Vendor frameworks, although you’re complete sure their existing. Try to delete some of Xcode’s DerivedData to start Xcode’s Indexing process again.

ios, xcode, and osx

Debugging objc_msgSend in iOS Projects

Every selector called during an iOS App’s lifecycle is being dispatched by objc_msgSend, sometimes it may be helpful to debug those calls.

ios, arm, debugger, x64, x86, arm64, armv7, and llvm