About a week ago I've build a 100% Swift App (one of my first ones, except for Notification Center Widgets, etc.) which also resulted in two open source components (both Swift) which I released and added to my Showcase.

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I've set a small jekyll-powered page to showcase my most-famous and continued open source projects.Feel free to take a peek at: http://src.kida.io.

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The Reservist(or: How I've hacked the Apple Store queue)

Originally I had preordered an iPhone 6, that was before I got curious regarding reserving one and picking it up at the Apple Store in the Syndey CBD.

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Ghost + Amazon S3 = <3

Some days ago I've showed you how to deploy a Ghost Blog onto Heroku, using PostgreSQL and Amazon S3, as time passed by there has been a new Release of the Ghost Blog System, namely the big Update to v0.5.0 and finally v0.5.1.

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Ghost on Heroku. The most complete Guide. (Ever.)

I recently decided to move my blog away from a hosted VM to Heroku. The main reason for this were maintenance costs. Please don't get me wrong, I loved (and still love) my VM hoster, and if your in need for a lot of custom Software etc. you won't get around setting it all up manually, but for the needs of my blog, this was a huge overload.

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A few days ago I've come around a quite nice javascript library which generates random pattern SVGs consisting of triangles. It's called Trianglify.

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instancetype vs. id

Bringing it to the point, using

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SSL on [redacted]

As from today, this blog is (optionally) available over an SSL secured connection using a self-signed certificate.

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Setting the Timezone of your Ubuntu 12.04 machine

This evening I realized one of my VMs' Timezone was incorrectly due to some date shown wrongly in my Node.js App.

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I just meet an App helping me to fiddle around in my iOS Simulator's App-Folders without digging deep thorught my Filesystem, take a look at SimPholders.

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