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Hey! 👋 I'm Marcus, a Freelance Senior iOS Developer 📱 CTO-as-a-Service and CEO @Bearologics. I'm solving problems through code. Want to hire me? 👉 Let's talk!

A short while ago I've built a small static site to showcase some of my favorite open source repositories.

When dealing with Jekyll I've come to the point where I wanted to take a look on how Jekyll Plugins work and now I wrote on which, asynchronously, loads and displays the Stars from a specific GitHub repo.

Using this plugin is as simple as adding any other Liquid tag:

{% raw %}
{% github_stars kimar/kiimagepager %}
{% endraw %}

After including github.js the repo's stars are automatically retrieved on pageload:

<script src="/js/github.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Please be aware that, due to GitHub's public API rate limits, requests are limited to 60 / h. This might be avoided by using the authenticated API. If I'll find some time I'm going to think about that, in the meantime PRs are always welcome. :-)

You can see it in action here or grab it here.

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