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A few weeks ago I've built my first  Watch app bundle with an app I newly build for taking a quick look into your RMS eToll account: eToller.

The app basically retrieves data from your RMS account (how this is done will be told soon in a separate post) and displays them inside the App, as well as on your wrist. The watch app basically only shows the data already retrieved by the iOS app itself (this will probably change in the future as more features come).

As usual, I provide this app for free. As it's dealing with your private data I put extra attention to keep it safe by not storing anything user specific outside the App, credentials which are needed to retrieve your data are only stored inside your iPhone's keychain.

Usage is very much straight forward.

Login with your RMS credentials or use the demo acount:

Username: demo, Password: demo eToller Login

If you've done everything correctly, your latest eTag statements are being retrieved... eToller Statements

There's an additonal details view which show information about your account too: eToller Settings

And last but not least the  Watch app showing the latest statements: eToller Watch App

Hope it's usefull for some of you, now go get it on the App Store...

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