Using DigitalOcean Spaces in Ktor (Kotlin)

G’day, today I’m going to show you how to upload files to DigitalOcean Spaces using Ktor and the AWS S3 SDK in (almost) no time.

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So long 🇦🇺

When I joined Atlassian in 2014 I would've never dreamt to be given the chance to make such an impact by being the first full-time Mobile Dev in Sydney and a year later by helping to hire and build up Mobile-Engineering at Atlassian. Almost three years later I've decided to leave Atlassian and Australia to move on to new adventures…

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Using SwiftyBeaver

Just recently I've tried out out a (relatively) new logging frameworks for iOS called SwiftyBeaver. It's currently in private beta and already looks very promising.

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How I'm dockerizing Swift web apps in 🍸

In the beginning, there was Swift...
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Locative goes open source

I've long since thought about this topic but this weekend I've pushed the repos. All fundamental parts of Locative (previously named Geofancy), namely the (yet heavy in progress and almost abandoned) Android app, the cloud app ( as well as what it all started with: the iOS app are now open source.

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Three dimensions to rule 'em all!

I've recently open sourced one of my 3-hour-apps, namely himbo.This iOS App basically let's you create a basic, single colored, background for your iPhone.This is my story on how I integrated 3D Touch to improve its UX.

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Spotify - The end of an era

Until a 1.5 weeks ago or so I've been a huge fan of Spotify, when Apple Music was released on 1st of July I switched. Because of multiple reasons. The main reason though, for me, was because now all my music is unified again. I've used iTunes Match for years now, but I've used Spotify longer, now I'm leaving for good.

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Simple Swift CLI Apps

Using Xcode 6 and xcrun it's super easy to compile and run Swift Apps in a script-like manner.Ideally just create a .swift file and make it executable chmod +x. Take a look at those two Hello World samples and try it out yourself.It's easy and very handy at the same time.

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A few weeks ago I've built my first  Watch app bundle with an app I newly build for taking a quick look into your RMS eToll account: eToller.

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Jekyll GitHub Plugin

A short while ago I've built a small static site to showcase some of my favorite open source repositories.

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